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  • Sandstone Seabreezers

    Sat, 10 Dec 2016 21:15:45 +0800


    having a sail at Sandstone on the high tide tomorrow morning or is everyone going to steer clear of the Beach Boys mayhem for the day? >>

  • Windsurfing Learning Curve

    Sat, 10 Dec 2016 16:12:03 +0800


    been windsurfing for just on eight weeks now - trying to get out as much as possible - have had two weeks off work and have been out a few times. I generally get to Wello and have met some really nice people - windsurfing people seem to be very friendly - it certainly helps when you feel, man I am just going to sell the board Too Hard! I am 105k - purchased a 200l mistral pacifico with a dodgy retro 4.5m sail and rig, was enough to get me going - I did purchase a new Severne 6m synergy this week from Simon at Board Crazy and have been out once so far - wow what a difference. Not sure if it my imagination but it seemed to be more forgiving - or maybe I am getting better perhaps a bit of both. Took it to the train and had a really good run to the sand bank and back a few times. Arms are canning now though next it has to be the harness. Do feel as though I have progressed but soooooo much more to learn. The Windsurfin... >>

  • Burrum Windfest 2017

    Thu, 08 Dec 2016 13:57:18 +0800


    Just a heads up that work is progressing towards running another Burrum Windfest in 2017. As always this event is run by volunteers who have jobs, family and other commitments to manage. We are working with our new race director Dave Sandos to complete the MSQ documentation to gain approval to run the event. Each year this documentation is further reviewed by MSQ with safety being the number one priority. It most likely that due to the resources at our disposal and volunteers numbers only one speed coarse at a time will operate. We are seeking a Jet Ski/ Rescue Board and operator for this coming event to satisfy MSQ so if you know anyone the can help please get in touch as we will pay accordingly for the service. Nominated Dates are Saturday 25th March to Friday 31st March with Friday as a reserve day. Committee – Dave Sandos Race Director, Anne Lewis current club Secretary, Dylan Tusler KA72 and online registerations. Geoff Ringe, , Glenn Young ... >>

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