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  • Manevolent JellyFish menace

    Tue, 23 Dec 2014 08:41:40 +0800


    n Island this arvo. ...21/12/14. >>

  • Last Chance to Save ALL Sailing Spots in Southport

    Tue, 23 Dec 2014 07:45:56 +0800


    have been investigating issues surrounding the dredging/reclamation and construction of the new boat ramp in the Broadwater around the popular windsurfing/kitesurfing spots in “The Train” area. What I have found is so disturbing, that I feel compelled to complain to Council and have arranged a meeting with the Council Project Officer in charge of the development next week! As a keen sailboarder, I don’t want to give up this area without a fight! I have MY ideas of the problems, issues and possible solutions but would like to represent a “Consensus” from the sailing community so appreciate YOUR feedback on the problems so I can raise at the meeting. Could you please review the info below, my suggestions and give me your feedback on anything that should be added, removed or changed ASAP. I really need your help. PS> If you have any images of boat/sailing near misses or general conjestion in this area, I would appreciate if you could... >>

  • Windsurfing Learning Curve

    Mon, 22 Dec 2014 20:30:06 +0800


    been windsurfing for just on eight weeks now - trying to get out as much as possible - have had two weeks off work and have been out a few times. I generally get to Wello and have met some really nice people - windsurfing people seem to be very friendly - it certainly helps when you feel, man I am just going to sell the board Too Hard! I am 105k - purchased a 200l mistral pacifico with a dodgy retro 4.5m sail and rig, was enough to get me going - I did purchase a new Severne 6m synergy this week from Simon at Board Crazy and have been out once so far - wow what a difference. Not sure if it my imagination but it seemed to be more forgiving - or maybe I am getting better perhaps a bit of both. Took it to the train and had a really good run to the sand bank and back a few times. Arms are canning now though next it has to be the harness. Do feel as though I have progressed but soooooo much more to learn. The Windsurfin... >>

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