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  • Looking For a Place to Sail

    Sun, 29 Mar 2015 21:44:59 +0800


    oming up to Toowomba for the week but still be around for the weekend. What the closest spot you guys sail at on the weekends >>

  • Cairns Holiday

    Sun, 29 Mar 2015 13:45:28 +0800


    e to be in Cairns from June until the end of August on a windsurfing holiday getting away from Melbourne's weather. I have read a previous post and it seems I can sail at Yorkers , Tinaroo dam, Green Island. I envisage sailing mostly at Yorkers with the odd day out at Green Island. I have 3 boards but can only fit 2 in at the moment. My light wind board is a 118L with a 7.5 meter Zephyr sail, will I need this gear at this time of year in Cairns?. My other 2 boards are a FSW 106L and a 85L wave board. The 106 is a great all-round board and the 85L wave is also a good board but slow and a bit boring in a straight line. I am not a wave sailor just bump and jump stuff. I am thinking of bringing the 106L but thought maybe Yorkers will be to rough on a windy day and maybe I should bring the 85L instead. Any advise greatly appreciated . Garrick. >>

  • Windfest 2015 was a success!!!

    Sun, 29 Mar 2015 12:04:41 +0800


    t 2015 was a success!!! No records broken but lots of PB's including mine!! For some reason Windfest and PB go hand in hand for most of us. Burrum heads is one of Queenslands best locations for watersports. We'll be back next year to celebrate 10 years Windfest!!! Woohoo For photo's and full report >>

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