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  • Sailed on Saturday, Need Some Technique Help!

    Tue, 26 May 2015 18:48:58 +0800


    need tome help/advice on why I couldn't sail upwind on Saturday. I was sailing on Saturday arvo at RQ beach (Manly) and a couple times I pointed too far downwind, so I tried to head upwind to correct, and kind of stalled, and ended up drifting sidways. I ended up tacking, heading back out the other way and then coming back in and made sure this time I didn't point to far down wind to get back to the beach. Context; Winds were decent 17-25 or so knots (I guess?) I use a Mistral One Design raceboard (as in my avatar). Centreboard was up when reaching/heading downwind. I put the centreboard DOWN when I started to head upwind. Sailing with an Ezzy 6.5 Superlite. When I turned upwind, I made 100% sure that I was not heading directly into the wind, and was pointing about 45 degrees, so not too high. Mast track was about halfway back because for most of the afternoon I was just reaching back and forth across the wind. Was this the problem? I haven't sta... >>

  • Kfc's under a complete new threat!!!

    Tue, 26 May 2015 16:45:25 +0800


    's Secret Hidden Agenda is Finally Out! < div class="original-url"> If Councillor Dawn Chrichlow has her way she wants to see the complete Broadwater Tourist Park (Caravan & Camping Ground) be sold off and make way for Luxury Highrise and Southbank type development with restaurants and possibly a Big Wheel. Kfc's is already windshadow blocked in South Winds from the proliferation of Highrise Buildings on the Northern End of Southport. Back when I started kiting you could still Launch and Land at Kfc's/Len Fox Park/Loders Creek in a Southerly but this got worse as the years went by with additional developments to those locations. If this type of development were to be allowed, then we could expect further favourable winds that currently are not blocked or wind shadowed being from the South, Sout... >>

  • Green Island Nationals - Countdown is on!

    Tue, 26 May 2015 12:54:07 +0800

    Brett Morris

    ks until the best winter windsurf event happens on Green Island! Cant wait for the 20+ knot trade winds and beautiful clear water, perfect conditions for freestyle and blasting in the butter flat water behind the reef on low tides and ultimate slalom/freerace battlegrounds once the tide fills in over the reef and sea grass beds. Registration is open for the Freestyle, Slalom and Freerace National titles, and by the looks of the entry list it looks like another hotly contested year at Green Island. Follow the link here for online rego: QLD Freestyle entrants are still pretty low and we need to give those WA and NSW crew a run for their money so its not too late to book a cheap flight and get involved. Other than competing, the focus of the week is on having an awesome time on and off the water, and its a really good way to learn new moves and get tips from the best sailors in Aus to help your sailing improve in perfect conditions.... >>

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